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What’s next for the populist revolution and those who believe in it? Find out what populism is for – not just what it’s against, and take back power from the elites.


  • Transforming jobs, schools and skills so every working American can live on what they earn
  • Practical steps to support families so every child can be raised in a stable, loving home
  • Ideas to revitalize democracy and our communities by giving people real control

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The Manual for the Movement Sweeping America

Entrepreneur, Fox News host and former government insider Steve Hilton shows how populism can be a positive force for improving lives, with revolutionary ideas to restore the economic security that working Americans once took for granted, and rebuild the ties of family, community and nation that have been ripped apart by decades of policies that favored big government, big business, and the powerful.

Recounting his own journey from immigrant roots to the heart of power – and his deeply personal battles with the permanent bureaucracy once there – Hilton vividly describes the scale of change that’s needed if the true promise of the populist revolution is to be delivered.


  • Guarantee American workers a living wage without crashing the economy
  • Rein in the tech giants without killing innovation
  • Control immigration without betraying our values
  • Provide healthcare to every American without a government takeover
Whether by challenging the excess power of big corporations in our economy or the corrupt influence of big donors and lobbyists in our government, the ideas in this book echo the intent of America’s founders by taking power from the elites and putting it in the hands of the people.
For too long, populism has been defined by those who oppose it. By focusing on what populism is for, and not just what it’s against, this book provides a coherent philosophy and practical blueprint for how the movement can have an impact beyond one election cycle, and in people’s everyday lives.


  • A grocery store holds the key to community revival
  • Fighting inequality starts at home
  • Marriage should be for everyone, not just the rich
  • Education needs a total rethink


  • An ingenious plan to beat the lobbyists and big donors
  • Tougher action on corporate power than anything in America’s history
  • Policies to put the bureaucrats back in their box
  • The most aggressive strategy you’ve ever seen to fight the threat from China

About the Author
Steve Hilton

STEVE HILTON is host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, an entrepreneur and former senior policy advisor in the UK government. Since moving to the USA in 2012 he has taught at Stanford University and founded a political technology start-up with the mission of fighting big money in politics and putting power in people’s hands. He is the author of More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First, a UK Sunday Times bestseller in 2015. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two sons. And ten chickens.

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